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Because you use deodorant every day, leave it on for a long period of time, and apply directly to your lymph nodes, it’s important to try to choose a natural deodorant without toxins. Conventional deodorants contain hormone-disrupting ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and aluminum which can pose potential harm to the endocrine and reproductive system. Keep in mind that sweating is an important, natural and healthy function of the body — sweating is our bodies natural form of detox. Aluminum is is one of the most common antiperspirants on the market today, and it prevents us from sweating by temporarily plugging the sweat glands. Avoiding antiperspirants and switching to an all natural deodorant free of toxins is an important step to having healthy pits!
Making the switch to natural deodorant and finding a brand that works best for you may require a bit of trial and error. If you feel like it's not working right away, be patient. You may even smell worse before you smell better, but trust this is totally normal and part of the process as your body adjusts. If you've used antiperspirant daily for years, your armpits potentially have been blocked for years and the buildup must be flushed out before you will begin sweating normally again. Give yourself a full month to see if your natural deodorant is working, as it can take that long for your body to "detox" from the products you've used in the past. 
Another way to care for your pits is by using a detoxifying mask once or twice month. Using a bentonite clay mask on your armpits will not only soften the skin but can also help draw out impurities and toxins, reducing odor. Any bentonite clay product will work for this. Simply mix 3 tbs clay powder with 1 tsp of distilled water or apple cider vinegar and apply to armpits using your hand or a brush. Leave on for at least 10 minutes then wipe off gently with a warm washcloth or rinse off in the shower.
Here are some of our favorite natural deodorants to try:

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