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Q&A Interview with Leah Bradley

We were lucky enough to chat with Leah Bradley, mama of two, who lives beachside in sunny California about sustainability, slow fashion, and motherhood. If you've seen her on Instagram, then you likely admire her positive vibes and laid-back, beachy aesthetic as much as we do. Check out the interview below.

You hosted your first 'Keep It Clean' beach clean up earlier this year. How did the event go and do you plan to coordinate more community clean ups in the future?

The event was absolutely amazing. It’s so encouraging to see how many people (and brands) want to keep our beaches clean and protect the ocean just like my family does. I will definitely be hosting more so stay tuned for that date being announced soon. 

At what point did you become interested in sustainability?  

I’ve always been conscious of respecting and taking care of our planet... my mom was a hippie and raised us to be earth loving people! It’s been a way of life for me since I was a young kid. 

What things do you do in your everyday that align with a sustainable lifestyle?

As a mother I am constantly taking the time to teach my kids the same values my mother taught me. Everyday I help them to pick up after themselves and others when they see trash left on the ground, to buy in bulk and bring our own cute cotton bags, to bring our fun glass cups and straws for drinks at our favorite cafes, to keep the food scraps and give them to our worm friends, to grow our own organic vegetables, to conserve water, and to save up for the things they really want that are well made and will last for generations. They are still learning but I’m happy this is something we are all working on together. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to live a more eco-friendly and natural lifestyle, but isn't sure where to begin?

I think the first step is to eliminate single use plastics. I started this by buying groceries in the bulk sections, bringing a reusable bags to the grocery store, a glass cup and straw to my local coffee shop, and from there I realized how much waste I was creating still so I began using things like a shampoo bar, refillable deodorant, natural reef safe sunscreen and the list goes on... but if you all else fails just look around and throw away trash left by others! It’s amazing how much there is! ** also That’s a great habit to get your kids started on young. My two year old now stops and throws trash away whenever she sees it and it makes me so proud! 

You and your husband are both surfers...What does surfing do for you? How has surfing influenced your life?

My dad was a pro surfer and then high level surf coach so since I was little I was either on a board out in the water with my dad or on the beach eating a whole bin full of licorice while he coached and wasn’t fully watching me lol. My husband used to compete and is still my favorite to watch surf. Surfing for both of us is a way to relax after a full day of chaos. It’s so peaceful out there. I think we’ve both grown up not knowing anything other than the laid back beach lifestyle and are so happy we get to raise our kids the same way. 

Has your perspective on fashion changed at all since you have been increasing your sustainability efforts?

Yes absolutely. I love that now brands are catching on and new ones are emerging who are made locally and ethically. A lot of them even have the mother earth in mind when shipping plastic free and using biodegradable packages. Through my sustainability efforts I came to find that the fashion industry was a huge pollutant in our world so I think it’s so important to support brands who are changing this stigma. 

How do you practice staying present while balancing family life and work life?

This is something I’m constantly trying to figure out. I try to set aside days that are devoted to working and then others that are just meant for playing with the kids. Whatever I am doing I want to get my full attention to so whether that’s working or raising my little ones I need to fully be present and in the moment. I keep a detailed calendar in my kitchen outlining what each coming week looks like to keep me somewhat sane haha 

Being a Mom of two little ones, what does self care look like for you? Do you have any personal self care rituals?

I love being in the ocean so at least once a week my husband watching the kids on the sand so I can go out for an evening swim or even on occasion surf. It’s so peaceful and floating in the saltwater does wonders for my mind and soul. 


See more updates from Leah on Instagram and stay tuned for her new swim line Bambino, launching 2020. Congrats Leah on your exciting new venture, and thank you for allowing us to a get a small glimpse into your philosophy on life. All images images courtesy of @leahpbradley

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