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Self Love February

Self Love February

We've all heard the old adage that you must love yourself before you can love others. The reality is loving yourself is essential to giving and receiving love. The presence or lack thereof plays a critical role in living a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. As corny as this may sound, when was the last time you told yourself, "I love you." Okay, so maybe none of us are staring at the reflection in the mirror declaring our self love. However, it probably couldn’t hurt. At the very least, we can all benefit from quieting that inner critic, focusing less on our perceived flaws and celebrating our greatness and authenticity instead.

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This month we're challenging ourselves to make self love a devoted practice — To be kind and gentle to ourselves, to have fun, to get creative, to feel joy. Can you remember the last time you did something solely for yourself that you truly enjoyed? Whether that be taking a decadent bubble bath, signing up for a pottery class, waking up early to watch the sunrise, or simply rereading a favorite book. Find something this month that fills you up and makes you feel uplifted. Below are some ideas we're excited to try as we set out to give ourselves an extra dose of love and care this month.

1. Create An At Home Spa Experience
Scenes of indulgent bath time rituals seem to be taking over our Instagram feeds these days and for good reason. Need some inspiration to create your own spa worthy bathing experience? Look no further than to Alison Wu, whom we've dubbed the bath queen. Check out Alison's blog for bath ritual ideas plus bath salt blends and body oil recipes.

2. DIY Manuka Honey Scalp Mask
While you're relaxing in the tub with a great read, why not give your scalp a little TLC as well? Try making this all-natural healing Manuka Honey Scalp Mask with ingredients you likely have on hand in your kitchen.

3. Make Something With Your Hands
It can feel therapeutic at times to get out of your head and become hands on with a special project just for the fun of it, no strings attached. We are obsessed with the idea of making these rosewater + pink clay soap bars or these homemade bath bombs (which get their color naturally from beetroot powder.) How fun would it be to host a soap making party with girlfriends? 

4. Buy Yourself Flowers
Because who doesn't love flowers? Find a local floral artist to support and brighten your day with some fresh blooms. You can also sign yourself up for a flower subscription and have a unique bouquet delivered to your door on a monthly basis. And if you're really feeling creative, pick up a variety of loose flowers and give floral arranging a go. Check out our past post DIY Florals with Haleigh.
We hope you'll dedicate this month to being a bit kinder to yourself. Whether your self love practice consists of paying yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror, finding a new creative hobby or passion to pursue, or simply relaxing in a luxurious bubble bath with a homemade mask on your face, we hope the month of February leaves you feeling loved and supported.

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