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DIY Fall Florals with Haleigh.

DIY Fall Florals with Haleigh.

Hi! My name is Haleigh, I’m the head designer and founder of Flora. I’ve been designing for almost four years. I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I’ve always loved. I feel even more fortunate to get to teach you all how to arrange pretty lil’ flowers yourself! 

 If you’re sitting there thinking “yeah right, I can’t do that”, good news, you can! Swallow that doubt and let’s get to it. 

*Disclaimer, first rule of flower arranging is there are no rules. Your creation is yours alone so don’t be afraid!*

What you need:

•Flowers (Trader Joes always has a really lovely selection)

•vase or compote (I prefer a compote, it’s easier to control)


•chicken wire 

 1. First things first, you have to prep your vessel! A lot of floral designers use foam to arrange, which is totally fine and works great! I love to use chicken wire. I feel like it makes my arrangements look more natural and free. It makes me feel more in control. I clip a big enough strip to form a ball and I stick it in the vessel. 

2. Get some fresh cold water and add some sugar. Sugar is a good flower food alternative! 

3. Trim those stems! You want to cut them at angle so they can drink water easier.

4.  I always frame the vase with my greens first. This will give you a good idea of how the your arrangement will take shape. Give yourself a good base. If it’s looking too wild, keep in mind you’re not done. If there are some crazy pieces you can cut them down later! I used silver dollar eucalyptus and mint leaves. Mint leaves are my favorite to design with. I love how small and texturey (I just made that a word.) the leaves are. 

5. Add some focal blooms. Probably 3-5. I start with the heaviest, darkest flower I have and place them low. This will give your arrangement depth. For the natural wild look, you’re going to want to stick them into your vessel at an angle so the bloom is looking directly at you. In this arrangement I used roses and the burnt orange dahlia. If this was a spring arrangement I would be more strict with the light/ dark contrast. But since these are fall colors, much like a tree changing colors, there isn’t a ton of color rules!

6. Grab your lighter blooms and place them a little taller than your darker blooms. Let some light blooms come a little more out than your dark blooms. 

7. Add your small texture pieces. Texture is my favorite part of all bouquets and arrangements. In my opinion it’s the most important part. These pieces are what help your arrangement come alive! Let them be wild! Tall pieces help your arrangements look light and airy. 

8. Take a step back and trim down anything you aren’t feelin and add any final touches! 

There you have it! Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!

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