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Nontoxic Spring Cleaning

Spring is nearly here! Raise your hand if you're already feeling the itch to spring clean...Something about the days getting longer and that fresh spring air urges you to open the windows and scrub your house top to bottom. Is there anything better than that elusive 'sparkling clean house' feeling? Something about a freshly cleaned home just makes you feel lighter, like you're walking on air.
This spring we're focusing on ditching all the yucky chemicals when it comes to our spring cleaning routine. Nontoxic, natural cleaning methods have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. Not only is it better for the environment but it's also better for your health. After all, cleaning your home with toxic bad-for-you-chemicals seems a little counter productive, doesn't it? Fortunately there is an abundance of natural cleaning recipes available that are simple to make, effective to use, and totally cost effective. The best part — you likely won't have to look further than your own kitchen cabinet for ingredients!
Let's just talk about vinegar for a minute. Cleaning with distilled white vinegar is one of the easiest ways to make your home healthier and green your entire cleaning routine. It's incredibly inexpensive and it's pretty much all you need. This stuff works everywhere — from counters and floors to sinks and toilets. We know what you're thinking though, vinegar stinks. That's where essential oils come in. Essential oils cut the vinegar smell, adding a lovely scent and boosting the overall cleaning power. You can also infuse vinegar with citrus peels or herbs to use as a base for DIY all-purpose cleaner. We recommend investing in some glass spray bottles or repurposing glass jars to store your nontoxic concoctions. Using only natural ingredients makes DIY cleaners safe for the whole family to use, even your littlest helpers. Not to mention, they're aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Perhaps you already buy your own natural cleaning products, or maybe you're new to the idea of green cleaning, either way we've rounded up several full proof recipes that you can safely make at home. Once you get mixing these all natural and effective cleaning elixirs, you may never look back! 

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