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Clear Your Mind & Get Happy, The Amazing Effects of Nature

Clear Your Mind & Get Happy, The Amazing Effects of Nature

When was the last you felt the grass on your feet, peered down a cliff, or bathed in a stream?

Spending time in nature can have profound effects on your wellbeing. Research suggests there is a direct correlation between nature-connectedness and happiness. As your connection to nature increases, your mood, health, and overall life satisfaction improves. Breathing in fresh tree-filtered air and experiencing the quiet hum of nature can be extremely effective in ridding your body of stress and clearing your mind — leaving you feeling centered, grounded, and happy.


Nature is a great antidote to many modern day problems as it can bring about a sense of balance. The more high tech our lives become, the more time we truly need to spend outdoors connecting with nature, for the sake of our health and spiritual well being. With the celebration of Earth Day coming up, consider taking time to slow down and enjoy Mother Nature more fully.


Whether you prefer to enjoy nature actively or passively, challenge yourself to get outside more often this month, taking in all the goodness it has to offer. You'll come to realize the more time you spend in nature, the more inclined you are to help preserve this Earth and all its natural beauty. Studies show that a strong connection to nature increases pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors — which we can all benefit from, as being good stewards of Mother Earth is a massive collective effort.


During the month of April, we challenge you to become more mindful of your connection to nature. Take in nature's beauty with all your senses, find ways big or small to increase your sustainability efforts, and play a more active role in caring for the Earth.

The Earth Day Network is a great resource if you're looking for ways to get involved, as they work to educate and activate the environmental movement across the globe. In honor of Earth Day 2019, the Network is working with grassroots organizations and community members across the U.S. to organize clean ups of green spaces, urban landscapes, and waterways. Check them out to find a community clean up near you! And in the meantime, get out in nature to breathe deeply, clear your mind and restore some balance to your life.



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